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Experience Change with
Authentic Reflection, LLC

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Holistic Integrative Image and Spiritual  Coaching

  • Are you finding your self in the same situations over and over again? Or meeting the same type of people repeatedly?

  • Are ready to ready to gain awareness of the root causes of self-defeating behaviors or self-talk, that can be making your day-to-day life more painful/challenging?

  • Are you struggling with unbearable feelings or traumatic memories?

  • Or you interested in trying to find work life-balance-self-care balance...and in any order? 

  • Does feelings of low self-worth, depression, anxiety, confusion, lack of motivation and fulfillment pester you?

  • Questioning what is my Life Purpose? And shouldn't I just be content? Why do I want more? ...But what is more?

  • Asking your self.... How can I get them to listen, respect me, care?

  •  In the end, making a combination of strategic and intuitive, small changes to can bring life-altering results.

  • At Authentic Reflection, LLC it is our honor to work with you together in a supportive and safe environment, where we will work on the best path to  "Define, Design, and Align" your goals!   


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A Bit About Image and Spiritual Coaching

Via use of technology, I am able to meet with my clients and create a safe, comfortable, and convenient space for deep self reflections, healing and change. I implement effective evidence-based life coaching methods to instill self-understanding among clients. I  support and empower clients to reflect upon their choices to adopt new attitudes and feelings about themselves, towards life situations (past, present and future), and healthier options to express and cope.


That being said, it is essential to keep in mind what therapy is. Spiritual Coaching is an investment in the introspection and healing of the Self. It is a process, involving many layers.  Spiritual Coaching is beneficial for recurring, generational, traumatic, emotional, esteem, self-worth, and/or addictive issues. 

Image Coaching may be more appropriate when you need less processing of the past and feel you are ready to move forward. You may be interested in setting more immediate goals in for key areas of your life.  Often all you need is a little support, encouragement and an accountability partner.

Sometimes I like to ask: Are you able to stay afloat relatively easily or are you barely treading water? Or feel like you are pulled by an under current?


Services Offered

With You Every Step of the Way

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 Individual Coaching

Individual sessions for either coaching or psychotherapy provide you with the one-on-one attention you need for your challenges.  We will develop an individualized plan for addressing your specific needs and goals. We will check in on these and make adjustments to ensure that your needs are being met as you are achieving your milestones. You are the priority. Contact us today and let us help you find the best in yourself.

Group Sessions

Here at Authentic Reflection, LLC groups are built by creating a safe place for mutual respect, confidentiality, and open sharing, as we discuss agreed-upon topics. We like to provide you with strong coping skills and/or skills-based information and real-life practical  applicable wisdom. 



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Spiritual  Sessions

  This is where decades of experience as a Spiritual Intuitive, and Integrative Holistic Psychotherapist meld together to offer clients who are truly seeking and open to something more, different options to health and healing...mind, body, and of course Spirit. Various tools of sacred divinity are used and accessed for each individual's own path, as Faith of practice is not what is core and central. Connecting and healing to that Source is.  Sacred dancing, art, and other tools may be used and fall under this category. Individual soul care plans are discussed and developed. Group work opportunities are still being developed as well. 

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